Frequently Asked Questions

Q: At what kind of parties/events does Uptown play?

A: We play at all kinds of parties and events, including weddings, birthday parties, holiday parties, corporate events, town festivals, and even frat parties. We also play club and restaurant shows. These are great opportunities for interested clients to check out the band. We can play for groups of 25 people or 5,000 ( or anywhere in between)


Q: How far will you travel?

A: We are based in Austin, TX  but will travel up to 400 miles for show. We frequently play in San Antonio, and we are happy to travel to Houston, Corpus Christi, Port Aransas, Waco, Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, and all points in between. Under the right circumstances we will travel as far as California for a show!


Q: What kind of music does Uptown play?

A: We are a variety cover band, which means we will play just about any style of music you want. We specialize in music that appeals to all ages and keeps people on the dance floor, be it new or old, pop, rock, Motown, disco or country. We're also happy to satisfy just about any song request made in advance.


Q: Do you take requests?

A: Absolutely! We will take requests made in advance of the event. . In the rare case when we don't believe we can do a song justice or you really want the original recording, we can play the original from an iPod.


Q: How many people are in your band?

A: We perform as a 4-piece band with one female lead singer, 3 male lead vocals, guitar, bass, drums and keyboards/synths/horns backings.  

Q: Can we work with you to choose the music you play at our party?

A: Yes. We are happy to work closely with you to ensure you get the entertainment you want at your party. However, we've found that it's usually best to just tell us what kinds of music you like, and what kinds you don't like, and then let us create the set lists, based on our experience in keeping everyone on the dance floor and maximizing the excitement level and momentum of parties. We will also read the crowd throughout the party and choose songs on the fly that keep everyone moving.


Q: How do we hire Uptown?

A: Just head to our contact page.  Tell us about your event and we'll give you a price quote. Once you're happy with what we're going to provide and we agree on a price, we'll send you a contract


Q: Do we have to give you a deposit?

A: It depends. Weddings, Private and Corporate Parties usually require a deposit (typically 20%-50% of the total fee, refundable at the band's discretion), which locks in the date on our calendar. Club/Restaurant gigs are the exception.


Q: OK, so you've given us your price; what's included in that price? Are there any other charges?

A: The price we quote is always all-inclusive. It includes the fee for our performance and all travel costs. We provide a top-quality modern sound (PA) system and stage lights. All you need to provide for us is a place to set-up (24' wide x 12' deep is standard, but we can work with less), and electrical outlets so we can plug in our gear. We can provide a stage plot, which includes electrical requirements, if needed.


Q: Can you play the music for our wedding ceremony?

A: Yes, we can provide a keyboard/piano player for your ceremony. If you'd prefer something else, we can help you find other performers for your ceremony.


Q: Can you play soft music during our dinner/cocktail hour?

A: Yes, we typically play soft instrumental jazz via IPOD at weddings during dinner and/or cocktail hour.


Q: What happens if we book Uptown for a wedding that's nine months away and someone quits the band or gets sick before the wedding date?

A: We will be contractually obliged to perform at your event. We have substitute professional players for each position in the band. You will receive the performance you expect at your event.


Q: Why should we hire Uptown instead of just getting a DJ?

A: Look at it this way: one year, or five years after your big day, when your friends and relatives talk about your wedding reception, what are they going to remember? How delicious the steak was? The floral arrangements? We're willing to bet it will be the entertainment and how much fun they had dancing and partying. That's the key difference between a band and a DJ. A good wedding band does more than just play music. They put on a show, and they work the crowd to bring your guests into the show. Uptown will read the crowd: If everyone is dancing wildly to a particular song, the band can extend that song to keep the energy level at a peak. If Uncle Fred is on the dance floor moving like Jagger and singing along, the band can bring him up on stage and hand him a mic. We can also act as a DJ too! If you really need to hear the original version of the latest hip hop classic, we band can play it on an iPod just as a DJ would.